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From clinical dashboards to drilldown staffing analysis, get transparency into your whole business for your whole team with Megadata.

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Siloed Data is Causing Problems in Long-Term Care.

Corporate leaders, regional teams, and clinical operators are spending hours collecting, organizing, and managing their organization's data, and it's not enough.
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Pulling data from multiple facilities is time-consuming.

Every leader needs data to make informed decisions, and it's costing organizations to feed that data upstream.

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Legacy analytics can't keep up with the industry.

Legacy analytics platforms are putting their organizations at a steep disadvantage as regulations continually change.

Megadata enables SNF operators to make data-informed decisions at every level.

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Always be up to speed

Integrate Data from Every Part of Your Organization

Megadata integrates directly with all of the leading SNF platforms like PointClickCare, ADP, Paycor, and more.

Bring clarity and efficiency to your organization by automatically connecting real-time data to key decision-making.
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Never get lost in the weeds

Explore User-Friendly Dashboards & Reporting

Forget endless spreadsheet tabs or legacy platforms that look like their from 1998. Megadata's modern platform makes it easy to view the metrics or reports that matter to the success of your organization.

Quickly drill down to specific facilities, residents, and staff directly within any dashboard for faster analysis and decision-making.
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Consistent Customer-Driven Development

Whatever You Need, Our Team is Here.

Whether you're looking for a quick answer or diving deep into upcoming industry changes, our world-class rated customer success team is here to be an extension of your organization.

With Megadata, your entire team can access responsive customer support with technical expertise. No robo-answering machine or offshore call centers. Get in touch with a real person who knows the platform, the industry, and the data.
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Get Value Out-Of-The-Box

Powerful Dashboards from Day One.


Get a holistic view of your census data including occupancy trends, admissions and discharge, average length of stay, and more.

View census information by region or facility with one-click drill down in every dashboard.

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View your wounds, falls, and other incidents all in one simple to use dashboard.

Uncover trends related to facilities, staffing, or specific patients by diving into any clinical datapoint.

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Labor Management

Don't let staffing or payroll challenges remain a mystery.

Dive into staffing or payroll metrics like HPPD, Budget Variance, and Agency Hours with drill-downs available by region, facility, or individual staff.

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See your PDPM to CMI ratio for any facility in real-time.

With the Reimbursement dashboard, operational leaders can dive into a facility's revenue mix, including PT/OT breakdowns, function scores, and more.

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Billing & Collections

Discover how collection percentages, patient balances, write-offs, and more are impacting your bottom line.

The Billing dashboard and reports make it clear which facilities are above or below your collection percentage goals.

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Keep your Team in the Know

Automated Reports Without the Legwork

When staffing is already tight, daily or weekly reporting can be one of the first items to kick the bucket.

Fortunately, Megadata offers an easy-to-use automated reporting tool your team can use to get critical information directly to their mobile phone or inbox without any of the manual work.
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Got a Question?

Here are a few that Megadata newcomers frequently ask before they get started with the platform.

What is Megadata and can it benefit my long-term care organization?
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Megadata is a data analytics platform for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and assisted living facilities (ALFs) looking to empower their operators to make better data-informed decisions every day.

Multi-facility long-term care organizations turn to Megadata to provide user-friendly dashboards and reporting across a variety of operational, clinical, and financial areas.

If I signed up for Megadata, would every user get access to all of my operational, clinical, and financial data?
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We understand that not all users should have visibility into every piece of your business. That's why our platform comes with customizable account permissions that administrative users can adjust at any time.

During implementation, our friendly kick-off team will work with your leadership teams to set up accounts with appropriate permissions at every user level.

What types of data can Megadata analyze, and how does it integrate with our existing systems?
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Megadata directly integrates with 50+ platforms regularly used in the long-term care industry.

From financial and billing data, to timeclock and payroll information, Megadata can automatically pull together all of the key data coming from every aspect of your business to create real-time comprehensive reporting.

What level of customization and scalability does Megadata offer for our organization's specific needs?
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Whether you have specific reimbursement calculations or need to see staffing trends in a particular way, Megadata can meet your team's needs.

We encourage each client to work with their customer success representative to adjust the platform to meet their needs. If they need something entirely custom, they can work with customer success to create entirely custom dashboards using our ExcelConnect tool which pulls data into Excel directly from the Megadata database.  

How does Megadata support decision-making for leadership and management teams?
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One of the most unique aspects of the Megadata platform is its ability to move from an overarching multi-facility view down to problem facilities, departments, or residents within seconds.

Both leadership and management teams can easily identify negative trends using the data their organization or facility is already generating. Once the problem area is identified, they can use Megadata's One Click Drilldown to uncover more information and make data-informed decisions to course correct in real time.

How user friendly is Megadata, and what kind of training is provided to new clients?
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One of our core values is 'Customer-Driven Development', meaning we take usefulness and usability very seriously.

The Megadata platform was designed using modern, user experience-focused design principles, so any user at any level can get valuable insights into the platform quickly.

Every client receives hands-on training from a live customer success representative covering all areas of the platform. Plus, you can chat with a customer success representative at any time (we encourage it, they're cool people.)

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