Labor Management

Hit Staffing Targets in Real-Time

Whether you're checking LTC agency usage across facilities or viewing HPPD for direct care, Megadata delivers the data displays you need to save money on staffing.

Daily Labor Reporting

Real-Time LTC Staffing Agency Usage Dashboards

By Department HPPD & OT Breakdowns

Megadata long-term care dashboard

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Get the Support of World-Class Customer Success

Let Megadata Be an Extension of Your Team

Megadata's customer success team works with a variety of staffing compensation and bonus structures to create custom implementations that fit your systems.
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Flexible Implementation

We think out of the box to solve your analytics needs.

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Customer Driven Updates

We build solutions around your challenges & suggestions.

Payroll analysis long term care

Get a Better Grip on Payroll & Retention

Get down to the dollars and cents that make your skilled nursing facilities tick. Easily view and get ahead of negative payroll or hiring trends with your organization's real-time HR data.

Dollars PPD by Facility or Employee

Retention and Turnover Trend Reporting

Actuals to Budget Clickable Dashboards

Stay in Sync with Your most Important Asset. Your People.

Improve Employee Retention & Turnover

Between staffing shortages and LTC agency options, your employees are more important than ever before.

Turnover & Terminations

Dive into where, how, and why employees are leaving facilities. See trends across all facilities or drop into a specific region or location with Megadata's One-Click Drilldown.

Terms within 30 Days
Monthly Turnover Percentage
Total Terminations
Turnover by Employee Type


Easily identify which facilities are holding onto their employees the best with employee retention breakdowns designed for long-term care.

Retained at Period End
Retention Percentage
Retention Filters
Retention by Department

Hiring & Employee Net Change

View which facilities are maintaining or deviating from set hiring budgets and quickly identify positive or negative employee trends over a given time period.

Total Hires
Net Change by Facility
Orientation Hours
Net Change by Department

Give Your Team the Tools They Need to Stay Up to Date on Hiring, Terminations, and Retention.

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Plunge into the Particulars

Get Both Depth & Breadth with Payroll Analysis Reports

Whether a spreadsheet triggers delight or disgust, Megadata caters to both types of users. For those that crack their knuckles and dive into cell formulas, we've got SNF payroll analysis reports.
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Drill Down by Facility, Department, or Team

We think out of the box to solve your analytics needs.

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Want More Flexibility?
Export to Excel!

We build solutions around your challenges & suggestions.

The Megadata Difference

Healthcare Leaders Trust Insights from Megadata

Levi Israel Testimonial Video
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Levi Israel
CEO, Extended Care
“I’ve been very happy working with Megadata. Both the pre-fab reporting they provide, the customer service to create new reporting, and the excel connect that allows me to customize my own reports. It really allows me to go into one platform and have everything I need to make informed decisions on a daily basis.”
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Shulem Holtzman
Director of Labor Operations, Infinite Care
“When I started here, almost every building was using agency. Now, because of Megadata, only one building still needs agency support. Out of 23 buildings.
MB Healthcare Logo
Yonty Pilchick, BSN, RN, EMT-B
Director of Clinical Reimbursement, MB Healthcare
“By providing me the data in real time, it eliminates the need to create my own spreadsheets... and allows me more time to focus on more important tasks.”
Let's All Care a Little Smarter

Inspire a Data Driven Culture with Megadata

Efficiency and adaptability is the name of the game in long-term care. Let's get you to the forefront of the industry together.
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